Self spreading Botnet based on Mirai C&C Arch, spreading through SSH and Telnet protocol.
Modern script fullly written in python3.


  • This project was made for educational purposes only! I take no responsibility for anything you do with this program.
  • If you have any suggestions, problems, open a problem (if it is an error, you must be sure to look if you can solve it with Google!)


  • A Brain, yes skiddie, you need to use your brain, but d’ont worry because Google is your best friend !
  • A MongoDB account, you must create an cluster with database, show tutorial.
  • VPS with Debian based distribution.
  • 2 Open port. Default: 8080, 1337
  • Time..

How to setup.

  • Change the permissions of the scripts with the chmod command.

chmod +x ./script/*.sh

  • Run installation script.


  • Start C&C Master server.


  • Start Relay server.
  • Note: If you have more than one VPS, you can run relay on other server.


  • When you have enough new bots, you can expand your network by starting the loader.


How is working.

  • Loader: soon..
  • Relay: soon..
  • C&C: soon..

Support me.

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    If this repository was empty, its because the project stay in developpement.
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