Self-Supervised Learning of Image Scale and Orientation Estimation (BMVC 2021)


This is the official implementation of the paper “Self-Supervised Learning of Image Scale and Orientation Estimation” by Jongmin Lee [Google Scholar], Yoonwoo Jeong [Google Scholar], and Minsh Cho [Google Scholar].
We introduce a self-supervised framework for learning patch pose. Given a rescaled/rotated pair of image patches, we feed them to the patch pose estimation networks that output scale/orientation histograms for each. We compare the output histogram vectors by the histogram alignment technique and compute the loss.


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • python 3.8
  • pytorch 1.8.1
  • torchvision 0.9.1
  • wandb 0.10.28


Clone the Git repository

git clone

Install dependency

Run the script to install all the dependencies. You need to provide the conda install path (e.g. ~/anaconda3) and the name for the created conda environment.

bash conda_install_path self-sca-ori

Dataset preparation

You can download the training/test dataset using the following scripts:

cd datasets

If you want to regenerate the patchPose datasets, please run the following script:

cd datasets/patchpose_dataset_generation

Trained models

cd trained_models

Test on the patchPose and the HPatches

After download the datasets and the pre-trained models, you can evaluate the patch pose estimation results using the following scripts:

python --load trained_models/_*branchori/  --dataset_type ppa_ppb
python --load trained_models/_*branchsca/  --dataset_type ppa_ppb

python --load trained_models/_*branchori/  --dataset_type hpa
python --load trained_models/_*branchsca/  --dataset_type hpa



You can train the networks for patch scale estimation and orientation estimation using the proposed histogram alignment loss as follows:

python --branch ori --output_ori 36

python --branch sca --output_sca 13


If you find our code or paper useful to your research work, please consider citing our work using the following bibtex:

    author   = {},
    title    = {},
    booktitle= {},
    year     = {2021}


Jongmin Lee ([email protected])

Questions can also be left as issues in the repository.


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