Whatsapp Automated Wishes

Helps to send automated wishes to your contacts in Whatsapp at scheduled time using pywhatkit . Written for Raspberry pi. Will mostly work on other platform too.

To run it on other platforms you may have to change certain delays in automations.py. Instructions is mentoned in comments.

Installation Instructions

  • Install Selenium Chrome Driver. For Raspberry pi run –
sudo apt install chromium-chromedriver

For other platforms refer to – https://chromedriver.chromium.org/getting-started

  • Install the required python dependencies.
pip install pywhatkit pyautogui schedule
  • Clone this repository or download the zip and extract.

How to use ?

  • Open web.whatsapp.com and scan the qr code from your phone.

  • Run data_file_generator.py to create a data file.

  • Edit the main.py according to your needs. Editing instructions is mentioned as comments in the file.

  • Run main.py.

  • You will see the wishes being sent at the scheduled time !

Please Don’t Move your mouse or press any keyboard key when the program is running in its scheduled time.


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