Senior Comprehensive Project

Author: Grey Hutchinson

Common Tern

My project, which I nicknamed “Murmur”, was to create a research tool that would use neural networks, which can read and learn patterns to try and classify an audio file, to analyze any given PAM file and return a list of timestamps where the target species made a vocalization.

Note from Grey: Please contact me if you feel like you can’t grade this project without copious amounts of data. I get it, but also I can’t house it all on github. Not sure what to do here.

How to: Install this project and create your model:

  1. Make sure you have python3.6 or greater installed on you computer
  2. Create a virtual environment
    1. python -m venv venv
    2. Windows: ./venv/Source/activate
  3. Install requirements.txt
    1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Separate your files into those containing your target species and those that do not.
  5. Place the files containing your target species into the “trues” folder; those without in the “falses” folder.
  6. Run
  7. Run, if you’d like to create a new model. (Doesn’t work without data (duh, but, ya know))

How to: Run this project with passive acoustic monitoring files

  1. Extract to this directory, making sure the folder is called “saved_model”. This is my most recent model.
  2. Save the PAM file to the root directory (e.g. pam_1.wav). If you’d like to just try my model, you can download this bit of relaxing beach sounds and use it as your PAM file: It’s not too large.
  3. Go into and change line 131 to match your file name
  4. Run


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