Classification models 3D Zoo - Keras and TF.Keras

This repository contains 3D variants of popular CNN models for classification like ResNets, DenseNets, VGG, etc. It also contains weights
obtained by converting ImageNet weights from the same 2D models.

This repository is based on great classification_models repo by @qubvel



pip install classification-models-3D


Loading model with imagenet weights:
# for keras
from classification_models_3D.keras import Classifiers

# for tensorflow.keras
# from classification_models_3D.tfkeras import Classifiers

ResNet18, preprocess_input = Classifiers.get('resnet18')
model = ResNet18(input_shape=(128, 128, 128, 3), weights='imagenet')

All possible nets for Classifiers.get() method: 'resnet18, 'resnet34', 'resnet50', 'resnet101', 'resnet152', 'seresnet18', 'seresnet34', 'seresnet50', 'seresnet101', 'seresnet152', 'seresnext50', 'seresnext101', 'senet154', 'resnext50', 'resnext101', 'vgg16', 'vgg19', 'densenet121', 'densenet169', 'densenet201', 'inceptionresnetv2', 'inceptionv3', 'mobilenet', 'mobilenetv2'

Convert imagenet weights (2D -> 3D)

Code to convert 2D imagenet weights to 3D variant is available here: Weights were obtained with TF2, but works OK with Keras + TF1 as well.

How to choose input shape

If initial 2D model had shape (512, 512, 3) then you can use shape (D, H, W, 3) where D * H * W ~= 512*512, so something like
(64, 64, 64, 3) will be ok.

Training with single NVIDIA 1080Ti (11 GB) worked with:

  • DenseNet121, DenseNet169 and ResNet50 with shape (96, 128, 128, 3) and batch size 6
  • DenseNet201 with shape (96, 128, 128, 3) and batch size 5
  • ResNet18 with shape (128, 160, 160, 3) and batch size 6

Related repositories

Unresolved problems

  • There is no DepthwiseConv3D layer in keras, so repo used custom layer from this repo by @alexandrosstergiou which can be slower than native implementation.
  • There is no imagenet weights for 'inceptionresnetv2' and 'inceptionv3'.


This code was used to get 1st place in DrivenData: Advance Alzheimer’s Research with Stall Catchers competition.

More details on ArXiv:


If you find this code useful, please cite it as:

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