Set of scripts that schedules employees for shifts throughout the week based on availability, shift times, and shift necessities

** Run “” to run project**

This script is a small project that I decided to complete during December 2021 This is not work for my classes or major, just something that I decided to do

Skills improved:

  • Working with multiple classes interacting with each other
  • Practicing with master classes
  • Using datetime library and using it to grab future dates
  • Displaying and formatting useful information accurately into The console
  • Writing comments and describing my code as I go
  • Using sqlite databases to create tables to store information
  • Grabbing information from tables
  • Looping and checking multiple points of data

Possible flaws:

  • Does not take full advantage of data tables
  • Could be a little more user interactive
  • Could utilize another script to further abstract creation of data tables
  • Might not be fully optimized for searching through employee data
  • More features could be implemented such as accounting for days off or different shift times for different days

“schedule plan.txt” is not a final plan, but just a rough outline before I started to give me some direction


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