A brief explanation

This script provides way to setup a monitoring service of specific MACs for a Hostapd Wifi Access Point.

It uses the hostapd-cli list_sta to list the connected devices to the AP.


  1. Install python3

  2. Install telegram-send for python3

  3. Create your own telegram bot and configure telegram-send

    ⚠Important, since the script runs as root, set the configuration of telegram-send as root:

     $ sudo telegram-send --configure
  4. Setup hostapd and enable hostapd_cli by adding to the config

  5. Place the mac-monitoring.py, mac-monitoring.json in /etc/hostapd/

  6. Place the daemon file mac-monitoring.service at /etc/systemd/system/ and start the daemon

     $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
     $ sudo systemctl enable --now mac-monitoring
     $ sudo systemctl restart mac-monitoring
  7. Configure the MACs you want to monitor

Configure the MACs to monitor

  1. Set your MAC monitoring filter with the file ac-monitoring.json. The format is:
["mac0", …, "macN"]
  1. Restart the daemon
$ sudo systemctl restart mac-monitoring



["mac0", …, "macN"]


["48:01:C5:76:14:53", "87:0F:32:45:01:64"]


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