Coveralls for Python

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Misc: is a service for publishing your coverage stats online. This package provides seamless integration with (and thus pytest, nosetests, etc…) in your Python projects:

pip install coveralls
coverage run --source=mypkg -m pytest tests/

For more information and usage instructions, see our documentation.

Version Compatibility

As of version 2.0, we have dropped support for end-of-life’d versions of Python and particularly old version of coverage. Support for non-EOL’d environments is provided on a best-effort basis and will generally be removed once they make maintenance too difficult.

If you’re running on an outdated environment with a new enough package manager to support version checks (see the PyPA docs), then installing the latest compatible version should do the trick. If you’re even more outdated than that, please pin to coveralls<2.

If you’re in an outdated environment and experiencing an issue, feel free to open a ticket — but please mention your environment! I’m willing to backport fixes to the 1.x branch if need be.