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Django Query Capture can check the query situation at a glance, notice slow queries, and notice where N+1 occurs.

Some reasons you might want to use django-query-capture:

  • It can be used to simply check queries in a specific block.
  • It supports Django Middleware, Context Manager, and Decorator.
  • When you use Context Manager, you can get real-time query data.
  • You can see where the query occurs.
  • Inefficient queries can be found in the test code.
  • It is easy to customize by simply changing the table shape, changing the color, and selecting and setting the desired output.
  • It supports customization that allows you to decorate the output freely from the beginning.
  • Fully Documented
  • It supports Type hint everywhere.

Simple Usage

  • Just add it to Middleware without any other settings, and it will be output whenever a query occurs.

  • Use in function-based views. or just function

from django_query_capture import query_capture

def my_view(request):
  • Use in class-based views.

from django.utils.decorators import method_decorator
from django.views.generic import TemplateView
from django_query_capture import query_capture

@method_decorator(query_capture, name='dispatch')
class AboutView(TemplateView):
  • Use it as a context.

When used as Context, you can check the query in real time.

from django_query_capture import query_capture

from import Reporter

def run_something():
    with query_capture() as capture:
        print(len(capture.captured_queries))  # console: 1
        print(len(capture.captured_queries))  # console: 2
  • Use in test

Test code can capture inefficient queries through the AssertInefficientQuery Util.

from django.test import TestCase

from django_query_capture.test_utils import AssertInefficientQuery

class AssertInefficientQueryTests(TestCase):
    def test_assert_inefficient_query(self):
          with AssertInefficientQuery(num=19):
            self.client.get('/api/reporter')  # desire threshold count 19 but, /api/reporter duplicate query: 20, so raise error


pip install -U django-query-capture

or install with Poetry

poetry add django-query-capture

Full Documentation

Extension documentation is found here:

? License


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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