Shred your reddit comment and post history (x89/Shreddit replacement)


Simple Example

  1. Download trasheddit: git clone
  2. Change into its directory: cd trasheddit
  3. Install its requirements: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  4. Run trasheddit: python3 [username]
  5. Follow the prompts to generate a configuration file

Or, a one liner:

git clone && cd trasheddit && pip3 install -y -r requirements.txt && python3 [username]

⚠️ Remember to change [username] to your Reddit username


Option Function Usage
-k or --keep Keep submissions younger than the inputted time -k 3M will keep submissions younger than 3 months
-s or --skip-subreddits Skip entered subreddits -s askreddit -s python will skip submissions in r/askreddit and r/python
d or --dry-run Do a dry run -d will not actually delete any submissions


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