Do you have that one friend that really likes Hollow Knight. Are they waiting for Silksong to come out? Heckle them with this Discord bot.

This bot plays the most recent video from the Daily Silksong News Youtube Channel whenever a specific user enters voice chat once a day.



You should have python3 installed, instruction can be found here.

Install with additional voice extensions, instructions can be found here.

Additional Linux Packages

Note that linux systems will need additional packages installed:

  • libffi
  • libnacl
  • python3-dev

Debian example:

apt install libffi-dev libnacl-dev python3-dev

Install Packages

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


This script expects to have a file named .env holding 2 vars


The TOKEN var is the discord bot token. This can be obtained through the Discord Developer Portal, instructions found here.


The YT_API_KEY var is the youtube API key. This can be obtained through GCP, instruction found here.

Example .env file:





Customize to target your one friend who is desperate for Silksong to come out

Change the member name check on line 38 (Note this is their account name, not their server nickname):

# check if ben
if != "parasol24":

Detach to run constantly in the background

I recommend using tmux to just have the Python bot run in the background constantly to serve requests.

Starting up the tmux

tmux new -s silkbot

Detaching from the session:

Press Crtl+b then press d

Reconnect to session:

tmux attach -t silkbot