• Shaaak – Post Reaction Bot

  • Simple and Minimalistic telegram bot to add Reactions and Comments to your Channel Posts!

- What's Unique About it?
    > Add reactions to only posts made by selected users.
    > Add comments button that links to telegram in-built comment thread.
    > Unpin channel posts from discussion group.

  • Available Commands
/start - Am I Alive? 
/add - Add New Admins, only Sudo 
/remove - Remove Admins, only Sudo 
/enable - Enable Reactions 
/disable - Disable Reactions 
/getlist - Get List of Admins, with Reactions 
/enablepin - Keep Pinned Messages 
/disablepin - Remove Pinned Messages

  • How to Deploy?
    Just adding manual procedure, coz you guys probably know how to deploy to sites like heroku, railway, or on vps.

    • Fill the edit_Config.py, and rename it to Config.py
    • Then just run the script by using, python3 -u Shaaak.py


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