First ever pyrogram based public sourced AFK Bot on Telegram and Github.

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Yukki AFK Bot

A Powerful Telegram AFK Bot written in pyrogram using MongoDB as database and with so many interactive features.

🖇 Prerequisites

🖇 VPS Deployment

shikhar@MacBook~ $ git clone https://github.com/TeamYukki/YukkiAFKBot
shikhar@MacBook~ $ cd YukkiAFKBot
shikhar@MacBook~ $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
shikhar@MacBook~ $ mv sample.env .env

Edit .env with your values and then start bot with

shikhar@MacBook~ $ python3 -m Yukki

🗂 License

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. All designs were created by @NotReallyShikhar .

See LICENSE for more information.

🥹 Acknowledgements

Special thanks to these amazing projects/people which/who help power Yukki Music Bot:

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