Super Simple BRender KeyGen

Simple BRender SDK KeyGen.



This is just a super simple keygen for the BRender SDK installer coded in python.
All testing was done with BRender SDK 1.2 so unsure of the compatibility with other BRender installers.
The original python keygen was done by foon I think and can be found here along with the BRender SDK it’s self.

So I just took that code and pacadged it into something other people could run,
and making it a little nicer and presentable at the same time.


I am unsure of minimum key length as the installer just seems to give you a random Identification code.
If you do get an Identification code of less then 8 numbers, just close the installer and restart it
and it will give you a new random Identification code. If it happens a lot then i’ll adjust the keygen.
Also sadly the BRenderKeygen(x64).exe is only for 64bit OS and will not run on 32bit OS..
or win95 which is a 16bit OS. It’s due to pyinstaller only building a 64bit exe as that’s what I ran it on, a 64bit os.
If I manage to find out how to set the output exe variables then I will make another build for 32bit.
Don’t think it could ever run on win95 but I would love to be proven wrong.
It appears to be very simple math so can’t imagine it be to hard to make a native c app for this and compile that
for win 95, for now though python code is fine.


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