Netmon is an opensource project for protecting and monitoring your home network. Netmon is written to run on a Raspberry PI and is optimized to run on any hardware.

Why netmon?

Netmon helps to detect attacks in your home network, monitor the local network, detect new connected devices and much more in a very easy, fast and intuitive way. You can install netmon and in a few minutes it will be operational, after a short period (usually less than 7 days) it will have collected all the informations needed to be able to recognize the devices on your network.


  • Detect new devices (intruders) on your network
  • Detect internet outages
  • Receive notifications for new devices
  • Detect ARP spoofing
  • Graphs and stats on speedtest and local devices
  • Block (disconnect/ban) unknown devices
  • Web interface
  • Notifications on Telegram/Email/Custom URL/…


Simply clone this repository and install all pip requirements, than run!


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