This is a Python implementation of 2-D Minesweeper!

Check out the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/Fjw7Lc9zlyU

You start a game by running the script:

python3 minesweeper.py

(If you do not edit the parameters in the script, the script will automatically initialize it to a 10×10 board, with 10 bombs)

Note that the inputs must be that the number of bombs is less than the total number of spaces (n^2).

For now, this script does not have a GUI and you can use terminal ? (If you want to make a GUI, feel free to make a pull request)

In order to “dig” at a certain location, you type in the index of the row, then the column, separated by a comma (whitespace optional). The game “digs” recursively around that location if there are no bombs nearby.

You can continue digging until either you hit a bomb (which is game over) or you’ve successfully dug up all n-b non-bomb locations (which is victory)!

This repo contains two files:

  • minesweeper.py: implementation of minesweeper
  • minesweeper_empty.py: empty code template for you to start somewhere ?

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