Simple command reminder application

krmd is a simple command reminder application where you can add the commands,configs, parameters you use,and list,
update, delete whenever you want.
It basically consists of 4 commands.
Usages can be found in the Usage section.


$ pip install krmd



There is 4 command to use. 

1- add:    It is used when the command is wanted to be added.
   -> krmd add "<command>" 

2- list:   It is used when it is desired to display the added commands.
   -> krmd list

3- update: It is used if any of the added commands are wanted to be updated.
   -> krmd update <command_id> "<command>"
      -> krmd update 5 "<command>"

4- delete: It is used to delete any of the added commands.
   -> krmd delete <command_id>
      -> krmd delete 5


This project includes a number of helpers in the Makefile to streamline common development tasks.

Environment Setup

The following demonstrates setting up and working with a development environment:

### create a virtualenv for development

$ make virtualenv

$ source env/bin/activate

### run krmd cli application

$ krmd --help

### run pytest / coverage

$ make test



Included is a basic Dockerfile for building and distributing Your local command reminder, and can be built with the included make helper:

$ make docker

$ docker run -it krmd --help


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