JaamoCoin – simple Python blockchain example

This is a very simple blockchain example written in Python.

Based on this tutorial: https://medium.com/coinmonks/python-tutorial-build-a-blockchain-713c706f6531

I modified the code to support proof of work calculation.

You can test this in Python console:

python3 -i jaamocoin.py

And then you can start playing around:

jcn.new_transaction("thebank", "jaamo", 5)
jcn.new_transaction("jaamo", "valo", 1)
jcn.new_transaction("jaamo", "mattiteppo", 1)

You can debug what’s going on in the chain anytime:


And you can always check the current balance of an user by calling:


If you want to run test script:

python3 test.py


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