Ever wanted to play a simple and fun game before, and it even keeps a database of your score?

Well here it is!!


Darts! A simple and fun game!!

Darts is a game I made a while ago, and at that time, it was just a fun project that I had made while learning Python. However, now, it seems like lots of people seem to like it, and so I decided to bring it to another level ?

What’s new!

I introduced a database to this project. What the database does is that it acts as a leaderboard, and holds all the scores. As of right now, it is very easy to bot and hack, so I may need to fix that, or I might remove the database. I am also thinking about adding a start screen, with credits, and etc. (Thanks to @AtlantianNet for the idea!)

What’s still there!

The darts game has not been edited from last time as:

  1. People seemed to enjoy the original darts, so I left it as it is.
  2. I think it seems the best as it is original, plain and original ?


I hope you enjoy this new version of darts! Expect new updates now and then from this ? Byee!


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