Add a “flame” effect on each hand’s index onto a video stream.

This script is just a quick hack, it’s a bit of glue between mediapipe for hand detection, VidGear for fast frame fetching and pyvirtualcam for the virtual camera. Also a basic particle system to draw a 🔥 (of dubious artistic quality).

Should work on Linux/MacOS/Windows, through tested on Mac only.


Install dependencies:

python3 -m pip install pyvirtualcam opencv-python-headless vidgear numpy mediapipe

Then setup your camera (only need to do this once), by following:


  • python3
  • Select “OBS Virtual Camera” as a video source

Some services will overtake the webcam by default (example Google Meet), so this script will be stopped. If that happen, just restart it after switching to the OBS source.


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