Discord Bot api wrapper

This discord bot api wrapper is make using python

Module is used in this program

  • Module:
    • aiohttp
    • python-dateutil


This discord bot api wrapper i make only can send message, but if u want to remake this can do what you want? you can!

Quick Example

> Create folder named WrapperBasic & put all this files on WrapperBasic Folder, to use the module same like the example

import WrapperBasic
from WrapperBasic.helpers.Intents import ALL

session = WrapperBasic.Session({
    # You can take the discord bot token from here https://discord.com/developers/applications
    "TOKEN": "your token. Ex: 01282xidasdm-91mcoamp",
    "INTENTS": ALL # You can see the intent here ./helpers/intents.py. Check all the privileged gateaways here if the bot don't on or get intents error : https://discord.com/developers/applications/BotID/bot

async def on_ready(_packet):
    print(f"Bot Online: {session.client.username}")
async def on_message(msg):
    if msg.author.bot:
    elif msg.content == "hi":
        await msg.reply({
            "content": "hi"

#Setup event for on_message_start & on_ready & for start the session websocket
session.event("MESSAGE_CREATE", on_message)
session.event("READY", on_ready) # "READY is event_name" "fn is you're function name "on_ready""


  • Rapptz (discord.py)
  • RedBallG (selfdiscord “forgot the name HEHE”)
  • Discord Developer Portal API


  • iFanpS


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