• This is a Simple Discord Token Generator which creates unverified discord accounts
  • These accounts are good for member boosting for your server or for raiding
  • Uses HCAPTCHA Bypass
  • Accounts created are unlocked!


  • Brain
  • Download & put the hcaptcha.py file inside the project folder, check my hcaptcha bypass repo for the file
  • httpx https://pypi.org/project/httpx/
  • Rotating Proxies


  • put server invite code inside ( invitecode = “”) so that the accounts will join the server after creation
  • add proxies inside “all://”: “http://username:[email protected]:port” or “all://”: “http://ip:port” depending on your proxies authentication
  • add proxies inside hcaptcha bypass too > proxy=”username:[email protected]:port” or proxy=”ip:port”
  • Enjoy!

Why Release this?

The release of “astaroth” and some other gen sources that went public caused increase in number of skids and they all started their tokens shop
i wanna get rid of them so i’ll be sending this to discord to patch fuck you skids!!


  • Discord : Avenger#7501