Frndly TV for Channels

This simple Docker image will generate an M3U playlist optimized for use in Channels and expose them over HTTP.

Channels supports custom channels by utilizing streaming sources via M3U playlists.

Channels allows for additional extended metadata tags in M3U playlists that allow you to give it extra information and art to make the experience better. This project adds those extra tags to make things look great in Channels.

Set Up

Running the container is easy. Fire up the container as usual. You can set which port it runs on.

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "USERNAME=MY_EMAIL" --env "PASSWORD=MY_PASSWORD" --name frndlytv-for-channels -p 8183:80 matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels

Replace MY_EMAIL and MY_PASSWORD with your Frndly TV login details

By default, the image will use your IP location to fetch streams for your location.
If you want streams for a different location or your location is not supported,
simply pass an IP environemnt variable to the container with the IP address you want to use.

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "IP=" --env "USERNAME=MY_EMAIL" --env "PASSWORD=MY_PASSWORD" --name frndlytv-for-channels -p 8183:80 matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels

The above using will get streams for Manhattan, New York.

You can retrieve the playlist URL via the status page.

Add Source to Channels

Once you have your the container running, you can use it with custom channels in the Channels app.

Add a new source in Channels DVR Server and choose M3U Playlist.
Fill out the form using your new playlist URL from above.

Leave the EPG field blank.
The playlist uses Gracenote IDs which will make Channels automatically fetch the EPG.