Simple frontend TypeScript testing utility.


Install webpack in your project directory:

npm install --save-dev webpack webpack-cli typescript ts-loader

Install the typescript functions also in your project directory:

npm install --save-dev tsftest

Install chromedriver and add to path

Use pip to install the tsftest command (where path_to_dir is the folder containing setup.py):

pip install path_to_dir --user

Create a test folder in your project if you don’t have one already.


  • Add tsconfig.json and webpack.config.js files to the test folder with settings to compile to test_dir/dist/test.js.


  • See the setup command in the Usage section for a simple command to add these files with a default configuration.


To add default required configuration files if the files don’t exist, run:

python -m tsftest setup path_to_test_folder

To run the tests use (consider setting this in your package.json->scripts.test):

python -m tsftest path_to_test_folder

You can make a browser window open with the tests allowing the use of browser developer tools with:

python -m tsftest --headed path_to_test_folder

Example Test

import { Api, ApiCredentials, ApiRequest } from "../src/api";
import { test, Test } from "tsftest"

test("ApiRequest class",
    (t: Test) => {
        let request = new ApiRequest("GET", "/");

        t.describe("ApiRequest should have GET method");
        t.assert(request.method, "GET");

test("Api class",
    async (t: Test) => {
        let api = new Api(new URL(""), new ApiCredentials())
        let request = new ApiRequest("GET", "/");

        let response = await api.call(request)

        t.describe("Api.call should return an instance of Response");
        t.assertInstance(response, Response);

        t.describe("Testing successful Api.call to /");
        t.assert(response.ok, true);


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