Simple codebase for flexible neural net training.

Allows for seamless exchange of models, dataset, and optimizers.

Uses hydra for config-building and logging.

Option to enable wandb for run-tracking and cloud-storage.

Run python to train your model.

Understanding the Code

  • is the main entry point

  • conf/config.yaml is the default config in standard Hydra syntax:

    • by running python +experiments=blabla.yaml you can overwrite and extend the config by whatever you put in experiments/blabla.yaml.
    • alternatively you can run python +new=arg to add new to the config, or python new=arg to overwrite key new
  • using the config, we then instantiate a dataset from neural.datasets and a model from neural.models

  • model and dataset are then given to the trainer neural.train.Trainer which further instantiates optimizers, schedulers, and the losses

  • we then train the model to convergence and checkpoint the final model

  • see neural.utils.restore for how to restore a model/trainer instance


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