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Simple OSINT script to find Instagram profiles by name and e-mail/phone

? Description

yesitsme is a simple Python script which tries to find Instagram account associated with a specific name, e-mail and phone number.
Leveraging indexing capabilities, it retrieves all usernames associated with a certain name and automatically compares the fetched toutatis obfuscated e-mail/phone with the given one, saving time and energy while doing online investigations.

⚙️ Installation

[email protected]:~$ git clone
[email protected]:~$ cd yesitsme
[email protected]:~$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
[email protected]:~$ python3 -s SESSION_ID -n NAME -e EMAIL -p PHONE -t TIMEOUT 

?️ Usage

Argument description

  • -s “SESSION_ID”
    • sessionid cookie of your Instagram account (i.e. sockpuppet);
  • -n “Name Surname”
    • Target name and surname (case insensitive);
  • -e “a****z@domain.tld”
    • First and last letter of target e-mail;
  • -p “+39 ** 09”
    • Area code and last two digits of target phone number;
  • -t “10”
    • Timeout between each request (default = 0).


[email protected]:~$ python3 -s 5t3El3650d4Z7A3jA2%Y1R70vnYn%36U3 -n "John Doe" -e "j*****[email protected]" -p "+39 *** *** **09" -t 10


Three levels of match:

  • HIGH: name, e-mail and phone number (obfuscated) match;
  • MEDIUM: name and/or e-mail and/or phone match;
  • LOW: only one of them matches.

? Notes

  • Name and e-mail (or phone number) are mandatory;
  • To leave e-mail/phone empty, simply set -e/-p " ";
  • E-mail/phone asterisks are just for show and can be omitted;
  • If omitted, timeout is zero; it’s recommended to set at least 10 seconds to avoid being detected;
  • Phone number must be in the same format as in the example, i.e. it must contain the area code (including plus symbol) and the whitespace;
  • When the match level is HIGH, it will prompt whether to stop or continue searching.

? Retrieve Instagram sessionid

While logged in your Instagram account:

  1. Right-click and click on Inspect Element to open the developer console;
  2. Go to the Storage tab;
  3. Expand the Cookies menu and check “sessionid” cookie.

?? Credits

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