Simple Pixelbot for Diablo 2 Resurrected written in python and opencv. Obviously only use it in offline mode as it is against the TOS of Blizzard to use it in online mode!

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Supported features

  • Run Pindle, Eldtritch, Shenk
  • Pickit with per item config.
  • Stash picked up items (using all 4 stashes)
  • Prebuff
  • Revive Merc if dead
  • Heal at Malah if needed
  • Take potions and chicken if in trouble during fights
  • Check for death. In this case start another game and pick up corpse.
  • Supported builds: Sorceress (Blizz, Light, Meteor), Hammerdin
  • Debug color checker to easily verify your settings
  • Runs in Hyper-V

Getting started

1) Settings

2) Supported builds


You can put any skills on left and right attack and see if it works out. E.g. Glacial Spike on left attack and Blizzard or right attack.
Adjust the hotkeys in the param.ini for the [char] and [sorceress] section accordingly. Check out the param.ini section in the Readme for more details on each param.


Your standard Hammerdin with Enigma. Dont think I have to explain much here.

3) Start Location

Open up D2R and wait till you are at the hero selection screen. Make sure the char you running with is selected and will be in A5 hell when starting a hell game.

5) Start Botty

Download the a prebuilt release here. Start run.exe in the botty folder, go to D2R window and press the “resume” key. Move to your D2R window and press “f11”. You can always force stop botty with f12.


Check out the docu for infos on how to build from source and details of the project structure and code.


[general] Descriptions
monitor Select on which monitor D2R is running in case multiple are available
min_game_length_s Games must have at least this length, will wait in hero selection for if game is too quick (to avoid server connection issues)
exit_key Pressing this key (anywhere), will force botty to shut down
resume_key After starting the exe botty will wait for this keypress to atually start botting away
color_checker_key Pressing this key will start a debug mode to check if the color filtering works with your settings. It also includes the item search and marks items it would pick up with red circles
[routes] Descriptions
run_pindle Run Pindle in each new game. Select “1” to run it “0” to leave it out.
run_shenk Run shenk in each new game. Select “1” to run it “0” to leave it out.
[char] Descriptions
type Build type. Currently only “sorceress” or “hammerdin” is supported
num_loot_columns Number of columns in inventory used for loot (from left!). Remaining space can be used for charms
take_health_potion Health percentage when healing potion will be used
take_mana_potion Mana percentage when mana potion will be used. Currently belt managment is not very clever and it is safest to only pick up health pots and make sure mana reg is enough for pindle to not need mana pots.
heal_merc Merc health percentage when giving healing potion to merc
chicken Health percentage when chicken (leaving game)
show_items Hotkey for “show items”
stand_still Hotkey for “stand still”. Note this can not be the default shift key as it would interfere with the merc healing routine.
show_belt Hotkey for “show belt”
potion1 Hotkey to take poition in slot 1
potion2 Hotkey to take poition in slot 2
potion3 Hotkey to take poition in slot 3
potion4 Hotkey to take poition in slot 4
cta_available 0: no cta available, 1: cta is available and should be used during prebuff
weapon_switch Hotkey for “weapon switch” (only needed if cta_available=1)
battle_order Hotkey for battle order from cta (only needed if cta_available=1)
battle_command Hotkey for battle command from cta (only needed if cta_available=1)
casting_frames Depending on your char and fcr you will have a specific casting frame count. Check it here: and fill in the right number. Determines how much delay there is after each teleport for example.
[sorceress] Descriptions
teleport Hotkey for teleport
skill_right Hotkey for skill that is used on right mouse btn (e.g. Blizzard)
skill_left Hotkey for skill that is used on left mouse btn (e.g. Glacial Spike)
forzen_armor Hotkey for frozen armor (or any of the other armors)
telekinesis Hotkey for telekinesis
[hammerdin] Descriptions
teleport Hotkey for teleport
blessed_hammer Hotkey for Blessed Hammer
concentration Hotkey for Concentration
holy_shield Hotkey for Holy Shield
redemption Hotkey for redemption
[items] Descriptions
item_type Select “1” if item should be picked up, “0” if not.

Some distant future plans

  • Running chaos with AI algo
  • Emulating Keyboard and Mouse with Arduino

Support this project

This project is free. Support it by contributing in any technical way, giving feedback, PRs or by submitting issues. That being said, I am not above accepting some pixel currency 🙂 So if you want to send some fg my way to keep my dopamine high, here is my jsp: jojo22.


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