Getting Started

Radio Caca

Important disclaimer

This software is intended for use by individuals
familiar with Python programming language. It uses
sensitive signature code from MetaMask wallet which
needs to be safe and secure at all times. Make sure
to inspect the code for any attempts to send your
information anywhere except
(official metamon game api). We are not responsible
for any loss incurred if you used modified version
of this code from other sources!


To start using this program Python needs to be
installed and some packages. The easiest way to
obtain Python is to install miniconda, use
latest release for your platform Linux/Mac/Windows

After installation open command line with
virtual environment activated and run following

pip install tqdm requests pandas argparse

to install all necessary packages

Prepare wallet(s) information

First open game with your browser and make sure
your wallet is active in MetaMask plugin. Enter
dev mode in browser (Chrome press Ctrl + Shift + I,
or go to menu -> More Tools -> Developer Tools)

select “Network” and “Fetc/XHR” in developer tools menu.

! Imoprtant: make sure to do it before signing
in with MetaMask

After login entry with “login” name should appear
in the list of requests of developers tools.

after clicking on it and selecting “payload” in new
menu all 3 essential values wil appear (address, sign,
msg) copy those values and save in file (for example
default is “wallets.tsv” in same dir where you run it).

File should have 4 columns tab separated (tsv):

name    address sign    msg
Wallet1 0x123.. 0x23... LogIn-...

Name is custom, choose what you want. If you save
stats to file it will be used for name of that file.
If you have multiple wallets you can add several rows
to this tsv file.

Preparation is complete!

Ready to roll?

To get familiar run to get help

python --help


usage: [-h] [-i INPUT_TSV] [-nl] [-nb] [-e] [-s]

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-i INPUT_TSV, --input-tsv INPUT_TSV
Path to tsv file with wallets' access records (name, address, sign, login message) name is used for filename with table of results.
Results for each wallet are saved in separate files
-nl, --no-lvlup       Disable automatic lvl up (if not enough potions/diamonds it will be disabled anyway) by default lvl up will be attempted after each battle
-nb, --skip-battles   No battles, use when need to only mint eggs from shards
-e, --mint-eggs       Automatically mint eggs after all battles done for a day
-s, --save-results    To enable saving results on disk use this option. Two files <name>_summary.tsv and <name>_stats.tsv will be saved in current dir.

for example:

paython -e -s

Will try to read file wallets.tsv in current dir,
auto fight, mint eggs, and save stats to corresponding
files. Now you ready to have fun and explore other options.

Note: Since fee for all leagues is the same bot will
try to fight in highest league for corresponding metamon and
it is not configurable at this

Also if there will be interest we can release version which
uses access token instead of signature (tokens expire and it
is more secure to use, however it will require manual step of
obtaining one every day for battles)

Hope you will have fun playing and this script will make it
a little bit less tedious. Enjoy!


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