Cloud Foundry Sample Python Application Connecting to Oracle

Simple Python demo app that connects to an Oracle DB. The app is based on the example provided here.


  1. After you have cloned the repository to your local machine, you download the Oracle client from and extract it into the example subdirectory. You should now have an example/instantclient_21_4 subdirectory created.
  2. Create an oracledb.json file with the user, password, and dsn in the following format to point to your Oracle instance:

  "username": "system",
  "password": "xxxxx",
  "dsn": "localhost/xepdb1"
  1. Create a user-provided service that connects to your external Oracle instance: cf cups oracledb -p oracledb.json

  2. Push the app to Cloud Foundry from the root project directory, using cf push.

  3. The app has 2 endpoints: the root / endpoint will query the table of all keys and values; and the /

    /value endpoint will add a key/value pair to the table.


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