Bluetooth Simple Denial Of Service (DoS)

Legal Note

This project is made only for educational purposes and for helping in Proofs of Concept. The author does not encourage anyone to use it illegally or without permission of your noisy neighbours ;).


This is a simple script for looping a Denial Of Service attack over one single mac address in range. If Mac address is down or not in range, it will keep trying to attack the target until user press CTRL+C.

WARNING: It only works on Linux systems because it depends on l2ping tool



$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install -y python3 bluez* hcitool
$ git clone
$ cd BluetoothSimpleDoS/


  1. Scan for mac address using bluetoothctl (better than hcitool)

$ bluetoothctl
$ [bluetoothctl] scan on
$ [bluetoothctl] scan off (when found)
$ [bluetoothctl] exit

Copy the device MAC Address

  1. Execute script

For modern devices it is recommended to use a huge number of threads: (ex: 900)

$ sudo python3 -h
usage: [-h] [-t THREADS] [-p PACKETSIZE] [-v] MAC

Simple script for create a continuos denial of service attack over one bluetooth target

positional arguments:
  MAC                   Target's MAC Address

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Number of threads
  -p PACKETSIZE, --packetsize PACKETSIZE
                        Packet size (default: 650)
  -v, --verbose         Verbose

Tools and conditions

Expected behaviour

When performing proof of concept attack, the speaker started to be interfered and the listening of music turned impossible.

Other devices may turn off or block or don’t be interfered at all.

Credits: W1s3m4n


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