Simple Telegram Bot To Get Feedback from users & Some Other Features.


  • Get Feedback from users
  • Reply to user’s feedback
  • Customisable
  • Send Messages from bot to your group & pin


  1. API_ID : Get From
  2. API_HASH : Get from
  3. BOT_TOKEN : Your Telegram Bot Token from @BotFather
  4. ADMIN : ID of Admin
  5. START_IMG : Start Message’s Photo (Direct Link Of the Image. Use @vTelegraphBot)
  6. START_MSG : Bot’s Start Message. You Can Use These Filling Methods
  7. BUTTON_1 : Text for Start Message’s First Button
  8. LINK_1 : Link for Start Message’s First Button
  9. BUTTON_2 : Text for Start Message’s Second Button
  10. LINK_2 : Link for Start Message’s Second Button


  • {first} – User first name
  • {last} – User last name
  • {mention} – Mention the user
  • {id} – User ID

Deploy on Heroku


Deploy in your VPS

git clone
cd FeedbackBot
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# <Create Variables appropriately>
  • Don’t Forgot to turn on the Dynos
  • Don’t Forgot to Make the bot admin in your group

BotFather Commands

start - start the bot
submit - submit feedback to admin
reply - reply to user's feedback (admin only)
send - send message to group (admin only)
pin - send and pin that message (admin only)
id - get chat id (only in groups)


  • Use /reply command along with the user’s ID
  • Use /send , /pin commands along with the group’s ID ( If you don’t know the group ID, Make the bot admin in your group and send /id )



  • Broadcast
  • Number of users
  • Ban & Unban



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