VK Admier: documentation

VK Admier is simple VK API wrapper for community bot development.


You should create bot object from Client class for access to Admier's methods:

bot = admier.Client(<group_id: int>, <access_token: str>, <api_version: str>)

<group_id: int>

This is your community ID. You can get it there.

Remember, module works on behalf of your community.

<access_token: str>

This is your community token. The easiest way to get it is to create token in community settings. Find it there.

Application has to get this token. It gives access to VK API methods.

<api_version: str>

This is version of VK API service. It is not binding argument.

You can find relevant API version there.

Long Polling

VK Admier uses Long Poll Server to get events. So you should connect to it with Client.connect() function:

bot.connect(<handler: func>)

<handler: func>

Handle function which will process every event. It requires event argument.

If you need to filter some events, you can do it in community settings, otherwise you can check events programmatically:

def handle(event):
    # Is there a new message?
    if not(event["updates"]) or not(event["updates"][0]["type"] == "message_new"): return

    params = {
        "peer_id": event["updates"][0]["object"]["message"]["peer_id"],
        "random_id": 0,
        "message": "Hello World!"
    bot.request("messages.send", params)



Use Client.request() function to make VK API request:

bot.request(<method: str>, <parameters: dict>)

<method: str>

String value for method name. Find it, using official VK API documentation.

Remember, you can use methods with community token authorization only!

bot.request("messages.send", params)

<parameters: dict>

Dictionary with required parameters. Don't define default parameters like access_token, group_id, v.

params = {
    "peer_id": 2000000000,
    "random_id": 0,
    "message": "Hello World!"
bot.request("messages.send", params)


You can use this template to create your bot:

import admier

# Your access_token is here
access_token = ""

# Your group_id is here
group_id = "" 

def handle(event): 
    # event handler, write your code here

bot = admier.Client(group_id, access_token)

You can check working example in the root of repository, but you have to edit group_id and access_token variables.

GitHub - EgorLight/vk-admier at pythonawesome.com
Simple VK API wrapper for Python. Contribute to EgorLight/vk-admier development by creating an account on GitHub.