Chat App

Operating System Version Download
Windows 11 Latest 2.1.4 64Bit
Windows 10 Latest 2.1.4 64Bit , 32Bit

A Windows Open Source Chat Application For Your Home Routers.

English Dark & Light Modes

Persian Dark & Light Modes


  • Able To Run Server
  • Able To Chat With Everyone
  • Able To Switch Between Languages (Persian & English)
  • Theme Synchronization

Language and technologies used in This Project


How To Run

First of All Clone the project from here ~ git clone https://github.com/shervinbdndev/ChatApp.git

Then go To Project’s Directory with ~ cd ChatApp-master

For Running in Python Console 👇

Windows : py -m pip install -r requirements.txt & cd .\src\

First Run The Server 👇

~ py Server.py

Then Client 👇

~ py Client.py


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