Wireguard Dashboard

Monitoring Wireguard is not convinient, need to login into server and type wg show. That's why this platform is being created, to view all configurations in a more straight forward way.


  • Add peers in configuration
  • Manage peer names
  • Delete peers
  • And many more coming up! Welcome to contribute to this project!


  • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, other OS might work, but haven't test yet.
  • Wireguard
  • Configuration files under /etc/wireguard
  • Python 3.7


1. Install Python Dependencies

$ python3 -m pip install flask tinydb

2. Install Wireguard Dashboard

$ git clone https://github.com/donaldzou/Wireguard-Dashboard.git
$ cd Wireguard-Dashboard/src
$ python3 dashboard.py

Access your server with port 10086 ! e.g (http://your_server_ip:10086)

3. Install with Production Mode (Optional)

$ cd Wireguard-Dashboard/src
$ export FLASK_APP=dashboard.py
$ export FLASK_RUN_HOST=
$ export FLASK_ENV=development
$ export FLASK_DEBUG=0
$ flask run