?? cairo-dutch

A Dutch Auction written in Cairo for StarkNet. Ported after studying a reference implementation from solidity-by-example.

Allows configurable duration, discount rate, & ERC20 token type accepted as payment.

⚠️ WARNING: This is not intended for production use. The code has barely been tested, let alone audited.


  1. Seller of NFT deploys this contract setting a starting price & ERC20 token type accepted.
  2. Auction lasts for a configurable number of blocks (durationBlocks).
  3. Price decreases over time (discountRate).
  4. Participants can buy if sending ERC20 value greater than or equal to the current price computed by the contract.
  5. Auction ends when a buyer buys the NFT or the deadline is reached.


python3.7 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
python -m pip install cairo-nile
nile install

Needs more tests, but basic coverage can be run using the following:

(venv) ~/dev/eth/starknet/cairo-dutch$ make test
pytest tests/
================================  test session starts =======================================
platform linux -- Python 3.7.12, pytest-7.0.1, pluggy-1.0.0
rootdir: /home/sam/dev/eth/starknet/cairo-dutch
plugins: asyncio-0.18.2, typeguard-2.13.3, web3-5.28.0
asyncio: mode=legacy
collected 7 items

tests/test_dutch.py .......                                                           [100%]
========================= 7 passed, 3 warnings in 123.53s (0:02:03) ========================= 


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