AWS DeepRacer


The AWS DeepRacer Evo vehicle is a 1/18th scale Wi-Fi enabled 4-wheel ackermann steering platform that features two RGB cameras and a LiDAR sensor. This repository contains the configuration and launch files to enable ROS Navigation Stack on AWS DeepRacer and control the vehicle using teleop-twist-keyboard, along with the core components to integrate AWS DeepRacer with ROS Navigation stack. For detailed information, see Introduction to the ROS Navigation stack using AWS DeepRacer Evo.


The AWS DeepRacer repository consists of the following packages:

  1. deepracer_bringup: The deepracer_bringup package hosts the launch files and configuration parameter files to launch teleop and navigation packages and nodes.
  2. deepracer_description: The deepracer_description package hosts the URDF files for the AWS DeepRacer device in Gazebo simulation. This provides the arguments to configure the sensors.
  3. deepracer_gazebo: The deepracer_gazebo package hosts the deepracer_drive plugin that is required to move the car in simulation.
  4. deepracer_nodes: The deepracer_nodes packages hosts the set of nodes that are responsible to launch the AWS DeepRacer robot packages required for ROS Nav2 stack compatibility.

ROS Navigation Stack on AWS DeepRacer

Mapping using SLAM Toolbox


GitHub - aws-deepracer/aws-deepracer at
Simulation artifacts, core components and configuration files to integrate AWS DeepRacer device with ROS Navigation stack. - GitHub - aws-deepracer/aws-deepracer at