Simulator for FRC 2022 challenge: Rapid React



In order to run the simulator use the following:

python3 rrsim.py [config_path]

where config_path is the path to the json configuration (default value is default_configs/config.json).


In order to configure game, field and robots, a config JSON file must be created. See default_configs directory for examples of configurations. The following are parameters that can be defined in the configuration:

Per-robot parameters:

Name Type Meaning Example
starting_position Tuple[float, float] Starting position of the robot [1.0, 2.0]
collect_time float Time it takes the robot to collect cargo 3.0
shoot_time float Time it takes the robot to shoot cargo 1.0
velocity float Drive velocity of the robot 5.0
accuracy float Shooting accuracy of the robot 0.95
alliance Enum{RED,BLUE} Alliance of the robot RED

Field parameters:

Name Type Meaning Example
cargo_hub_timeout float Time it takes from the moment cargo enters the hub to the moment it is collectable on the floor 10.0
match_length float Length of the simulation 120.0

Units for the values in the configurations can be seen in the units section.

In addition to the configuration JSON file, a cargo distribution CSV file is required. This file is basically a matrix of integers where every integer represents the probability (relative to the other integers) that a cargo will appear in the 1×1 meter square corresponding to that number in the matrix. A default distribution is supplied in the default_configs directory.

The Simulation

Once a configuration has been created (or selected) and the simulator was ran, A window will pop up which contains the actual simulator. This window consists of two sections. In the top – the field, in which robots are represented by squares and cargo by circles. In the bottom – the scoreboard, which is itself divided into three areas, from left to right – blue score, time since the beginning of the match, red score.


rrsim uses the following units:

Quantity Units
Length/Distance Meters
Time Seconds
Velocity Meters per second

Planned Additions

  • Ability to fast forward the simulation.
  • Configurable cycle types for robots
    • Collect only from one side of the field
    • Play defence
    • Collect two balls at a time
    • Score to low hub
  • Penalty for having many robots in the same place
    • Something like “work 10% slower for every robot in your immediate vicinity”.

And here are some additions that are probably too overkill to bother with:

  • Robot path planning


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