SkelAct is an open source repository which provides state-of-the-art skeleton-based action recognition models from Hikvision Research Institute. Currently 5 models from 4 papers have been reimplemented in PyTorch, namely Two-Stream CNN (ICMEW’17), HCN (IJCAI’18), HCN-Baseline (AAAI’22), Ta-CNN (AAAI’22) and Dynamic GCN (ACM MM’20).


SkelAct is based on MMAction2. Follow the instruction below to setup a valid Python environment.

conda create -n skelact python=3.9 -y
conda activate skelact
conda install pytorch=1.11.0 torchvision=0.12.0 cudatoolkit=11.3 -c pytorch -y
pip install mmcv-full -f
pip install mmaction2  # tested mmaction2 v0.24.0

Get Started

Data Preparation

Use to preprocess the NTU RGB+D dataset. Put the dataset in data/ with the following structure.

└── ntu
    └── nturgb+d_skeletons_60_3d
        ├── xsub
        │   ├── train.pkl
        │   └── val.pkl
        └── xview
            ├── train.pkl
            └── val.pkl


You can use the following command to train a model.

./tools/ ${CONFIG_FILE} ${GPU_IDS} ${SEED}

Example: train HCN model on the joint data of NTU RGB+D using 2 GPUs with seed 0.

./tools/ configs/hcn/ 0,1 0


You can use the following command to test a model.

python tools/ ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} [optional arguments]

Example: test HCN model on the joint data of NTU RGB+D.

python tools/ configs/hcn/ \
    work_dirs/hcn_ntu60_xsub_joint/best_top1_acc_epoch_475.pth \
    --eval top_k_accuracy --cfg-options "gpu_ids=[0]"


FLOPs and Params

Model GFLOPs1 Params (M)
Two-Stream CNN 0.098 0.785
HCN 0.196 1.047
HCN-Baseline 0.196 0.538
Ta-CNN 0.147 0.532
Dynamic GCN 2.395 3.75

1 Calculated with, which may differ from the numbers reported in the papers.


All the following models are trained using 2 TITAN X Pascal GPUs. Note that for simplicity we do not strictly follow the details (e.g. data preprocessing) of the original implementations, which causes the slight accuracy difference.

  • NTU RGB+D XSub
Model Config Our Acc (5 seeds2) Our Acc (mean±std) Paper Acc
Two-Stream CNN 83.93, 83.78, 83.56, 84.04, 84.13 83.89±0.20 83.2
HCN 86.69, 85.89, 86.17, 86.63, 87.09 86.49±0.42 86.5
HCN-Baseline 87.89, 87.26, 87.71, 87.72, 87.77 87.67±0.21 87.4
Ta-CNN 88.65, 88.53, 88.76, 88.49, 88.21 88.53±0.19 88.8
Dynamic GCN 88.49, 89.03, 88.87, 88.88, 89.23 88.90±0.24 89.2

2 Seed = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}

  • NTU RGB+D XView
Model Config Our Acc3 Paper Acc
Two-Stream CNN 90.23 89.3
HCN 92.35 91.1
Ta-CNN 93.91
Dynamic GCN 94.23

3 Seed = 0


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


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SkelAct heavily depends on MMAction2. We appreciate all contributors to the excellent framework.


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