Small Python script to generate a calendar (.ics) file from SIMASTER courses schedule.


Getting the events.json file from SIMASTER

  1. Open SIMASTER > Akademik > Jadwal Kuliah.
  2. Pop up your browser’s Developer Tools and go to the Network tab (or something equivalent).
  3. In the SIMASTER tab, click “Jadwal Harian”.
  4. In the network tab of the Developer Tools, there should be a request like this.image
  5. The request should have a JSON response that looks like the example_data.json file.
  6. Copy all that response and save it somewhere (perhaps with the name events.json).

Using the tool

  1. Make sure that you have installed Python (>= 3.6) and pip
  2. Install all the required packages using pip
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the tool: python events.json
  2. If you want output it to a file: python events.json > simaster.ics
  3. You’re basically done! You can use the outputted .ics file for Google Calendar or something similar.


This small project is licensed under the MIT License.


Any form of contribution is highly appreciated. Feel free to contribute (or maybe even buying me a cofffee).


GitHub - p4kl0nc4t/simaster.ics at
Small Python script to generate an iCalendar file from SIMASTER courses schedule. - GitHub - p4kl0nc4t/simaster.ics at