A little tool for The Dark Eye 5th Edition (Das Schwarze Auge 5) to load .json from Optolith character generation and easily perform talent probes. For the Meister: It can handle more than one hero/NPC simultaneously!


  1. Get and install Python 3.
  2. Download/clone repository.
  3. Copy settings_template.py to settings.py.
  4. Adjust paths/file names/settings in settings.py.
  5. Run python probemaker.py.
  6. Once asked, you can perform a probe by entering the name of a talent (do not use German Umlaute, but ae etc. and replace & by u). If you want to use a modifer just enter the numerical value separted by a comma, e.g. Bekehren u Ueberzeugen, -1. If there is more than one hero loaded, you are first asked to enter the name of the hero you want to probe.
  7. To exit the program, type feddich.

Missing features

No magic is possible so far.


DSA5-Probemaker by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License


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