tflocal – Terraform with LocalStack

This package provides tflocal – a small wrapper script to run Terraform against LocalStack.


  • Python 3.x
  • pip
  • terraform

How it works

The script uses the Terraform Override mechanism and creates a temporary file to configure the endpoints for the AWS provider section. The endpoints for all services are configured to point to the LocalStack API (http://localhost:4566 by default).


The tflocal command line interface can be installed via pip:

pip install terraform-local


The following environment variables can be configured:

  • TF_CMD: Terraform command to call (default: terraform)
  • LOCALSTACK_HOSTNAME: host name of the target LocalStack instance
  • EDGE_PORT: port number of the target LocalStack instance
  • S3_HOSTNAME: special hostname to be used to connect to LocalStack S3 (default:
  • USE_EXEC: whether to use os.exec instead of subprocess.Popen (try using this in case of I/O issues)


The tflocal command has the same usage as the terraform command. For detailed usage, please refer to the man pages of terraform --help.

Change Log

  • v0.1: Initial release


This software library is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE).


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