Smart EQ Connect

Smart EQ Connect platform as a Custom Component for Home Assistant.


  • The component is in a very early state

  • Please login once in the “smart EQ control” IOS or Android app before you install this component.

  • Tested Countries: DE, NL


  • This is not a Home Assistant Add-On. It’s a custom component.
  • Download the folder custom_component and copy it into your Home-Assistant config folder.
  • How to install a custom component?
  • Restart HA, Refresh your HA Browser window


Use the “Add Integration” in Home Assistant and select “Smart EQ Connect”.

Optional configuration values

See Options dialog in the Integration under Home-Assistant/Configuration/Integration.

Excluded Cars: comma-separated list of VINs.
Debug Save Messages: Enable this option to save all relevant received message into the messages folder of the component

Available components

Depends on your own car or purchased Mercedes Benz licenses.

Binary Sensors

  • Charging active

  • Tire warning


  • odometer

      Attributes: Serviceintervaldistance, Serviceintervaldays
  • Range Electric

      Attributes: electricconsumptionstart, soc, chargingactive, chargingstatus
  • State of Charge (soc)

    Internal Name: soc
    State of charge (SoC) is the level of charge of an electric battery relative to its capacity. The units of SoC are percentage points (0% = empty; 100% = full). 


  • None so far


  • None so far


Set the logging to debug with the following settings in case of problems.

  default: warn
    custom_components.smarteqconnect: debug

Open Items

  • Services for Preconditioning
  • HACS Integration

Useful links


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