Snake game RL environment for Ubiquant competition 2022.

We provide a gym-like interface for training RL agents.

Our state and reward design can be found in ref/final_ai.py.

Do not move the snake out of the map, such behaviors may cause the game error.

Install dependency

conda install pybind11
pip instsall pyGame

Use this env in python

Install the environment.

pip install -e .

Create env and step.

from snake_env.core import SnakeEnv

env = SnakeEnv(visualize=True)
obs = env.reset()
for _ in range(10):
    obs, rew, done, info = env.step(["w" for _ in range(env.player_num)])

Or you can try our example with random agents.

pytest -s tests/test_built_in_ai.py

Use in C++

Current cmake is only for building testing exec.

cd src
mkdir build & cd build
cmake ..
# play 50 rounds
# play 250 rounds 
./QSnakeEnv 0 250
# Add one human player
./QSnakeEnv 1 250
# play with fixed random seed
./QSnakeEnv 0 250 0


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