Snakemake workflow: <name>

A Snakemake workflow for <description>


The usage of this workflow is described in the Snakemake Workflow Catalog.

If you use this workflow in a paper, don't forget to give credits to the authors by citing the URL of this (original) sitory and its DOI (see above).


  • Replace <owner> and <repo> everywhere in the template (also under .github/workflows) with the correct <repo> name and owning user or organization.
  • Replace <name> with the workflow name (can be the same as <repo>).
  • Replace <description> with a description of what the workflow does.
  • The workflow will occur in the snakemake-workflow-catalog once it has been made public. Then the link under "Usage" will point to the usage instructions if <owner> and <repo> were correctly set.
GitHub - koesterlab/ngs-fastq-to-cram at
Snakemake workflow for converting FASTQ files to self-contained CRAM files with maximum lossless compression. - GitHub - koesterlab/ngs-fastq-to-cram at