Code and build instructions for Snap, a simple Raspberry Pi and LED machine to show you how expensive the electricyty is at the moment. On row of LEDs shows the cost of the hour, the other row the cost of the day.

Like this.

  1. Only Green = Very cheap
  2. Green & Orange = Cheap
  3. Only Orange = Ok
  4. Orange & Red = Expensive
  5. Only Red = Very expensive


Install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi

Buy some LEDs, wires and a breadboard. I only used the breadboard while building.

Connect the LEDs to the GPIO pins of your liking, you can see which one I used in my script.

Download the script and put it in your home folder, for example /home/pi/.

Go to Tibber and get your Access Token.

Edit the downloaded script, and change YOUR-TOKEN-HERE to your Access Token.

If you have more than one home, change:


to reflect which home you are pulling data from. To see which home you want to use, go to Tibbers Api Explorer and Load your personal token and simply run “Homes” in the drop down.

Open console and enter:

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

In /etc/rc.local you enter:

python /home/pi/

before exit 0, that will make the script run on startup.

Restart your Pi and press watch the lights.

Learn and experiment

If you want to change your script .

And here you can read more about GraphQL Concepts.

That’s basically all I used for reference making this project. Good luck!


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