This repository contains the source code under PyTorch framework and models trained on ImageNet-1K dataset for the following paper:

    author = {Jiangtao Xie, Ruiren Zeng, Qilong Wang, Ziqi Zhou, Peihua Li},
    title = {So-ViT: Mind Visual Tokens for Vision Transformer},
    booktitle = {arXiv:2104.10935},
    year = {2021}

The Vision Transformer (ViT) heavily depends on pretraining using ultra large-scale datasets (e.g. ImageNet-21K or JFT-300M) to achieve high performance, while significantly underperforming on ImageNet-1K if trained from scratch. We propose a novel So-ViT model toward addressing this problem, by carefully considering the role of visual tokens.

Above all, for classification head, the ViT only exploits class token while entirely neglecting rich semantic information inherent in high-level visual tokens. Therefore, we propose a new classification paradigm, where the second-order, cross-covariance pooling of visual tokens is combined with class token for final classification. Meanwhile, a fast singular value power normalization is proposed for improving the second-order pooling.

Second, the ViT employs the naïve method of one linear projection of fixed-size image patches for visual token embedding, lacking the ability to model translation equivariance and locality. To alleviate this problem, we develop a light-weight, hierarchical module based on off-the-shelf convolutions for visual token embedding.

Classification results

Classification results (single crop 224x224, %) on ImageNet-1K validation set

Network Top-1 Accuracy Pre-trained models
Paper reported Upgrade GoogleDrive Aliyun
So-ViT-7 76.2 76.8 85.08MB 85.08MB
So-ViT-10 77.9 78.7 109.24MB 109.24MB
So-ViT-14 81.8 82.3 377.09MB 377.09MB
So-ViT-19 82.4 82.8 669.60MB 669.60MB

Installation and Usage

  1. Install PyTorch (>=1.6.0)
  2. Install timm (==0.3.4)
  3. pip install thop
  4. type git clone
  5. prepare the dataset as follows
├── train
│   ├── class1
│   │   ├── class1_001.jpg
│   │   ├── class1_002.jpg
|   |   └── ...
│   ├── class2
│   ├── class3
│   ├── ...
│   ├── ...
│   └── classN
└── val
    ├── class1
    │   ├── class1_001.jpg
    │   ├── class1_002.jpg
    |   └── ...
    ├── class2
    ├── class3
    ├── ...
    ├── ...
    └── classN

for training from scracth

sh  # model_name = {So_vit_7/10/14/19}






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