Advent of Code 2021

Merry christmas!


To get solutions and approximate execution times for implementations, please execute the script in the following manner:

usage: AoC2021 pipieline [days] [parts] [options]
optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-d, --days [DAYS [DAYS ...]]
                      set what days to solve
-s STATS, --stats STATS
                      set precision for benchmarking stats
-p, --parts [PARTS [PARTS ...]]
                      set which parts of a day to solve
-v, --verbose         set logging in verbose mode

$ python3 -d 1 -p 1 2 -v -s micro
Solving day=01 part=1
answer: 1393
time: 263782.0μs

Solving day=01 part=2
answer: 1359
time: 262318.9μs

Propagated sufficient statistics
slowest:  day 1 part 1
fastest:  day 1 part 2
variance:  535165.4025
mean:  263050.45   

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this pipeline, contact me or create a pull request!
Reach me at [email protected], happy star-hunting!



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