Pokemon colorscripts

some scripts to print out images of pokemons to terminal. Inspired by
DT's colorscripts compilation


Prints out colored unicode sprites of pokemon onto your terminal. Contains
almost 900 pokemon from gen 1 to gen 8. Has all the pokemons you could ever want
(okay it doesn't have shiny pokemon or different forms, but cut me some slack)


Demo GIFs

demo of the program being used


demo of the program running on terminal startup.







The program itself is just a shell script that prints out custom color formatted
text files.So as long as you have a POSIX compliant shell like dash,bash,zsh etc.
as your /bin/sh the script should work.
You will however need a terminal with true color support, which most
modern terminals have. More on terminals and color support can be found in
this gist


Download the code from this repository or use git clone

git clone https://gitlab.com/phoneybadger/pokemon-colorscripts.git

cd into the directory and run the install script

cd pokemon-colorscripts
sudo ./install.sh

now the program should be installed. You can check this by running


which should print out the help page for the program


You can run the program from the command line to either display a pokemon of your
choice by specifying the pokemon name or make it display a random pokemon.

Usage: pokemon-colorscripts [OPTION] [POKEMON NAME]
  -h, --help, help    	Print this help.
  -l, --list, list    	Print list of all pokemon
  -r, --random, random	Show a random pokemon
  -n, --name          	Select pokemon by name. Generally spelled like in the games.
                        a few exceptions are nidoran-f,nidoran-m,mr-mime,farfetchd,flabebe
                        type-null etc. Perhaps grep the output of --list if in

example of printing out a specific pokemon

pokemon-colorscripts -n charizard

example of printing out a random pokemon

pokemon-colorscripts -r

Some pokemon with spaces or periods or other special characters in their name
might not be spelled as expected some examples include


these are rare exceptions and if required you can parse the --list page to see
the names of all the pokemon.

running on terminal startup

You can display a random pokemon whenever a terminal gets launched by adding
the pokemon-colorscripts -r command to your .bash_profile or .zsh_profile.

location of the files

The final files for the program are located in opt/pokemon-colorscripts/ with the script
being symlinked to usr/bin/

How it works

The program itself is a simple bash script that prints out text files corresponding
to the relevant pokemon or a randomly selected pokemon. The textfiles formatted with
appropriate colors can be found in the colorscripts folder of the repo. The sprites
were taken from pokemondb and were converted into text
files using a custom python script after some preprocessing. A simple script to
scrape and download all the sprites, and the python script to convert these sprites into properly formatted and colored
text files are also included in the repo and can be found in the generator_scripts folder.


Phoney badger:


The MIT License (MIT)