Some useful Twitter bots in Python


You need to install the module tweepy in order to use the scripts.

pip3 install --user tweepy 


This file is where you will put your credentials from your Twitter Developers Account.
For your security never put your token keys explicitly on remote servers.

    auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key='', consumer_secret='')
    auth.set_access_token(key='', secret='')

The goal of this script is to retweet tweets based on the filter from the given parameters of the function: scrape.

 d = - timedelta(days=14)
 scrape(words='(vaga OR vagas) (pj OR clt)  (dev OR desenvolvedor OR UI OR UX OR DevOps OR SRE) R$ -filter:retweets', date_since=d ,numtweet=300, language='pt')  

The parameters above fetches the job opportunities with the keywords as you can see on the snippet above that are not retweets from two weeks ago.

This script is just a simple example on how to autolike tweets where your account was mentioned every 15 seconds.


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