Sorting Algorithm Visualiser using pygame


  • Visualisation of some traditional sorting algorithms like quicksort and bubblesort
  • Different choices of Gradients


This program generates a random array and visualises its sorting using pygame.

  • Choose your desired algorithm and gradient using the drop down options in the menu.
  • Click on "Start" to Start the visualisation
  • You can press escape if you would like to change the sorting algorithm in the middle. this allows you to see what it would look like if you use multiple algorithms to sort the algorithm


Skribblscore requires pygame, pygame-menu,numpy and matplotlib to be installed prior to use. Install the dependencies and required imports.

pip install pygame
pip install pygame-menu
pip install numpy
pip install matplotlib


Visualiser Demo 1200x800,200 elements

Run in terminal or in a compiler of your choice.


GitHub - nandanhere/SortingVisualiser: Sorting Algorithm Visualiser using pygame
Sorting Algorithm Visualiser using pygame. Contribute to nandanhere/SortingVisualiser development by creating an account on GitHub.